1. Object, organization and description of the event

1.1 This regulation sets out the rights and obligations of the parties involved in organizing and participating in the Azores Bravos Trail 2020;

1.2 Azores Bravos Trail is organized by the Athletics Association of Terceira Island (AAIT), with the Legal Person Identification Number 512056412, that has its headquarters in the Edifício dos Corte-Reais, located on Estrada Gaspar Corte-Real, parish of Sé, in the city of Angra do Heroísmo, in partnership with the Municipalities of Angra do Heroísmo and Praia da Vitória; ;

1.3 The event official website as well as the organization contacts are as follow:

a) Website oficial: www.azoresbravostrail.com;

b) Email for registration-related matters

c) Email for further information

d) AAIT’s Address – Edifício do Jardim dos Corte Reais 30-F, Estrada Gaspar Corte Real , 9700- 030 – Angra do Heroísmo;

AAIT’s telephone number – 295 217 523;

f) AAIT’s Technical Director, Ricardo Matias, cell phone: +351 961 945 284;

g) Cell phone number of the Vice-President of AAIT’s Board, Isabel Correia, responsible for the trail running area: 926789638;

1.4 The Technical Director of the Azores Bravos Trail competitions is AAIT Technical Director, Ricardo Matias;

1.5 The Azores Bravos Trail is a trail running event that includes two competitions taking place on Terceira Island, in the Azores archipelago, in line with the schedule set on the program, supplied in annex I of this regulation. This event includes the following competitions:

a) Trail competition of 55 km, approximately;

b) Trail competition of 30 km, approximately;

1.5.1 The 55 km trail competition begins at Terceira Island Golf Club, located at Agualva parish, in the municipality of Praia da Vitória, whereas the 30 km trail competition begins at Lagoa do Negro, as indicated on the map supplied in annex II of this regulation. This map also contains the demarcation of the corresponding itineraries;

1.5.2 The itinerary of the 55 km trail competition presents a cumulative gain of 4.536 m, whereas the 30 km trail competition holds a cumulative gain of 2.981 m, as indicated in annex III of this regulation;

2. Participation

2.1 Participation terms

2.2 The competitions are uniquely disputed by the participants properly registered and accepted by the organization and within the terms and conditions set in this regulation;

2.3 The participation is open to all comers, without distinction of nationality or gender, born before 2002 inclusive;

2.4 The competitions itineraries demand from the participants former experience and specific training in this kind of athletics variant, as well as a good fitness level and an adequate management of the physical and mental strain, that will enable them to accomplish the challenge;

2.5 Each participant assumes total responsibility for the assessment of his/her respective physical condition. The Organization reinforces that the participants'fitness level should be adequate to the characteristics of highly demanding competitions, which combine the significant harshness of the ground with its considerable unevenness, allied to the effort of achieving long distances in weather conditions that might be adverse. Particular care in passing by areas with cliffs as well as lumpy and slippery ground should also be adopted. Each participant must, therefore, realistically ascertain his/her self-reliance in a mountainous environment, thus enabling an appropriate reaction while managing the issues inherent to this kind of competition, such as extreme exhaustion, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain and injuries, as well;

2.6 The Organization recommends that the participants undertake a sports medical examination to certify their ability to carry out this kind of physical activity;

2.7 Either before or during the competition, the Organization reserves the right, if it so wishes, to move away any participant that shows signs of pathology able to undermine his/her health and well-being;

2.8 By registering, the participants unconditionally accept to comply with the rules set in this regulation, as well as with any further participation norms released through the several communication tools by the Organization. The participants assume feeling physically and psychologically prepared to the physical strain inherent to the sports competition in which they will participate, the Organization bearing no responsibility for the occurrence of accidents, incidents, illnesses, injuries or any other physical damages due to the participants health status that may occur before, during and after their participation in the competitions. In effect, by clicking in the field to confirm the registration, the participant expresses his/her agreement with the conditions, terms and rules of registration and participation in the competitions, in accordance with what is set in this regulation, which is the equivalent to declaring the following:

Por este instrumento, declaro que:

Fui devidamente informado/a, em linguagem clara e objetiva, que a participação no AZORES BRAVOS TRAIL, resulta de uma DECISÃO TOMADA POR MIM, numa avaliação consciente e informada, em que pondero as vantagens resultantes do efeito de treino, face ao aumento de RISCO DE SAÚDE.

Fui devidamente informado/a que o conjunto de medidas de mitigação implementadas se destinam a diminuir o risco e possibilidade de infeção pelo SARS-CoV-2, mas não podem assegurar a segurança plena nos locais inerentes ao evento e atividade, no contexto de pandemia, sendo, nomeadamente, fundamentais o distanciamento físico, a etiqueta respiratória, a lavagem frequente das mãos e a não partilha de objetos.

Fui esclarecido/a e alertado/a sobre os riscos acrescidos em contrair a doença (COVID-19), bem como das consequências e eventuais sequelas que acarretam não só para minha saúde, como para a dos outros.

Neste contexto, comprometo-me a seguir as Normas e Orientações da Direção-Geral da Saúde bem como da Direção Regional de Saúde dos Açores.

I have read and agree to the Azores Bravos Trail regulation, available at the site www.azoresbravostrail.com.

I acknowledge my health status and confirm that I hold all physical and psychological conditions to participate in the competition.

I assume that I won’t participate in the competition if my health conditions change after the registration.

By participating in the competition, I entitle the Organization and the competition partners to the free and unconditional use of my image. As such, I assign all rights to the use of my image, namely captured in the photos and filming that will take place during the competitions, thus renouncing to receive any amount that might be earned with their release in support communicational pieces.

It is knowingly and voluntarily that I participate in the competition, completely exempting the Organization, partners, directors, collaborators and other companies linked to the organization of the competition of any responsibility resulting from my participation, before, during and after it, namely with regard to the loss or spoilage of personal objects due to theft, damages or any other reasons not attributable to the Organization.

I acknowledge the cancellation conditions of the competition, which I accept in full.

2.9 Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraphs, all participants must complete the term of responsibility, to be made available by the organization and must deliver it, duly signed when given the event’s kit; aquando da entrega do respetivo kit;

2.10 In case of doubt concerning the rules set in this regulation or related to any matter inherent to the carrying out of the competitions, participants may contact the Organization in order to clarify them;

2.11 The bib is personal and, as such, untransferable. It must be placed and kept clearly visible during the entire competition, over the clothes upon the chest or abdomen areas. It can’t be set on the leg, the back or the backpack;

2.12 The participants in the competitions will receive a tag for theirs bags containing a change of clothing, which will be directly sent to the finish line area. The participants hand over their bags at the starting point and these will be returned to them upon arrival, against the presentation of the bib;

2.13 The Organization declines any responsibilities regarding the content of these bags. The Organization also declines any responsibility for any loss or damage that might impair the participants’equipments. Participants exonerate the Organization of any responsibility for the loss or damage of personal objects, under all circumstances;

2.14 The Organization will only transport the bags containing a change of clothing;

2.15 If an enrolled athlete does not participate in the competition, the respective kit will not be sent;;

2.16 Participants have 12 hours to complete the 55 km of the longest competition and 7 hours and 30 minutes to complete the 30 km of the shortest competition. Failure to comply with these limits implies the disqualification of the participant;

2.17 Sticks are the only locomotion auxiliary means allowed;

2.18 External help to the participants is only allowed nearby the official supply stations;

2.19 In both itineraries, it is forbidden to accompany the participants with any kind of vehicle, whether or not motorized;

2.20 Due to logistics, the Azores Bravos Trail is limited to 500 participants in the total of both competitions;

3. Registration

3.1 Entries are made exclusively on the website https://stopandgo.com.pt/, and the link for registration is patented on the event website www.azoresbravostrail.com;

3.2 Payment is made through ATM reference;

3.3 The participation in the competitions implies the payment of the following registration fee, as set out and in accordance with the information released by the Organization, notwithstanding the adoption of promocional prices;

a) 55 KM – € 50 (fifty euros);

b) 30 KM – € 40 (forty euros);

3.4 The registration in the competitions includes:

a) Technical T-shirt;

b) Jersey number;

c) Chip with timekeeping;

d) Liquid and solid supplies during the competitions;

e) Sports Insurance;

f) Participation Medal;

g) Transfers;

3.5 O prazo para as inscrições termina em 25 setembro de 2020 ou até que seja atingido o limite máximo de inscrições;

4. Ranks

General M/F

a) SUB 23 M/F – 18 to 22 years old;

b) Seniores M/F – 23 to 39 years old;

c) M40/ F40 – 40 to 44 years old;

d) M45/ F45 – 45 to 49 years old;

e) M50/ F50 – 50 to 54 years old;

f) M55/ F55 – 55 to 59 years old;

g) M60/ F60 – 60 to 64 years old;

h) M65+/ F65+ – more than 65 years old;

5. Health Care

5.1 The organization provides support and assistance to all participants, with ambulances stading by during the course, departure and arrival of the competition.

5.2 In case further emergency medical assistance is needed, the regional health care service will provide for it, under its responsibility;

6. Safety, mandatory material and supply stations

6.1 The Organization, together with police authorities, will condition traffic during the competitions, assuming no responsibility, however, for any accidents or damages caused among participants or by participants to third parties;

6.2 The emergency phone number to be used will appear on the competition signage;

6.3 The mandatory material to be transported by participants during the competitions includes:

a) Windbreaker jacket or raincoat;

b) Thermal blancket;

c) Front lantern and backup batteries;

d) Water container with a minimum of 0.5 liter capacity;

e) Cup with a minimum capacity of 15 cl;

f) Operational mobile phone (with sufficient battery and balance);

g) Whistle

h) Covid-19 protective mask ;

6.5 Throughout the itinerary of the 55 km competition, the following supply stations for solids and liquids, marked on the map of annex II, will be available:

a) 1.º Algar do Carvão – 10 km;

b) 2.º Rocha do Chambre – 19 km;

c) Lagoa das Patas – 29 km;

d) Doze Ribeiras – 39 km;

b) Farol da Serreta – 49 km;

6.6 Throughout the itinerary of the 30 km competition, the following supply stations for solids and liquids, marked on the map of annex II, will be available:

a) Lagoa das Patas – 4 km;

a) Doze Ribeiras – 14 km;

b) Farol da Serreta – 24 km;

7. Sports insurance

7.1 All participant athletes, registered in accordance with the proceedings described in this regulation, benefit from an insurance against personal accidents occuring during the event, under legally established terms;

7.2 The Organization’s responsibility regarding the insurance ends as soon as the official timing of the event is ended;

8. Jury, timing, classifications and awards

8.1 The Organization will establish a competition jury, formed by five of its members, that will decide upon the sanctions to be applied in accordance with this regulation as well as the omissions and doubts therein raised;

8.2 The Organization ensures the timing of all athletes through a chip system placed at the bib, which requires some care in handling and placement;

8.3 The timing starts, for each participant, at the moment when the start signal is given and ends at the moment when the finish line is crossed;

8.4 The timing ends after 12 hours, for the 55 km of the longest competition, and after 7 hours and 30 minutes, for the 30 km of the shortest competition, counting from the respective start signal, with car circulation being restored after 7:30 pm;

8.5 During the competitions there will be several checkpoints to control the participants’ crossing;

8.6 Until the time of the Awards Ceremony, provided for in the program, classifications by echelons will be published. For the purposes of echelon classification, the time taken by each participant will be counted;

8.7 For the purposes of the awards ceremony, the classification will be based upon the order of arrival of the first participants, masculine and feminine, regardless of their starting time;

8.8 Prizes will be awarded to the first three athletes in the general classification of each competitions, for both genders, regardless of age/echelon. Prizes will be awarded regarding absolute results, i.e. classification by the order of arrival regardless of the departure time;

8.9 The awards ceremony takes place on the very day of the competitions, after their ending, as set on the program supplied on annex I;

8.10 Prizes that are not received during the ceremony may be picked up at AAIT headquarters until November 30, 2020, after which time the awards are considered lost to the organization;

9. Rules of good conduct

9.1 Participants must:

a) Comply with the present regulation and contingency plan Covid-19;

b) Comply with the organization's rules and recommendations;

c) Comply with the schedules and the specific rules of each competition;

d) Provide assistance to other participants in situations of accident, injury, illness or other situations that may put their physical integrity at risk, by alerting the emergency services and remaining on site until their arrival;

e) Not deposit any type of waste outside the places destined for this purpose;

f) Ensure the good use of the equipment;

g) Respect their opponents and the sporting spirit in the course of the competitions;

h) Adopt an exemplary public behavior, during the competitions, which cannot, in any way, jeopardize the good name and reputation of the organization and its partners, sponsors and other participants;

9.2 Doping is not allowed in and out of the competitions. Each sportsperson must ensure that no forbidden substance or method is used in his/her organism. Each sportsperson is personally accountable for any forbidden substance, the metabolites or markers found on his/her organic samples, and for resorting to any forbidden method;

10. Disqualification

The Organization will either forbid the participation in the competition or disqualify the participant who adopts any of the following behaviors:

a) Falsifies any element related to his/her registration;

b) Do not show up at the departure, at the time and place indicated;

c) Do not respect the instructions of the organization;

d) Is not in physical and/or psychological conditions to participate;

e) Doesn’t have a Jersey number;

f) Do not present the jersey number on the front of his/her t-shirt, clearly visible, at the locations specified by the organization;

g) Uses the jersey number of another participant;

h) Bends or manipulates the publicity advertising on the jersey number;

i) Improperly uses the jersey number provided;

j) Do not follows the official signaling of the competitions;

l) Do not accomplish, totally or partially, the route of the competitions;

m) Manifests unsportsmanlike behavior, namely, through pushing and obstructing, with intention to harm third parties;

n) Consumes doping substances;

o) Do not respect other participants, the organization itself, the security agents and/or other supporting parties;

p) Doesn´t respect basic principles of Environmente Preservation;

q) Adopts postures or attitudes that may dammage, in any way, the image and good name of both of the organization and of its competitions;

u) In any way disrespects the rules contained in the present regulation and in the Covid-19 Contingency Plan; e no plano de contigência Covid-19;

11. Image, commercial and advertising rights

11.1 The registration in this event’s competitions and the consequent acceptance of the present regulation implies the participant’s authorization so that the organization can record all or part of his/her participation, being able to use these images freely to promote and advertise the event of in the media, namely, television channels, radio stations, press, internet, posters, cards and flyers, photos and videos. Participants thus assign all image rights related to the commercial and advertising exploitation of such records, without the right to receive any economic compensation from the organization;

11.2 The Organization exclusively holds the advertising and commercial rights of the competitions, being responsible for negotiating and managing those rights on behalf and in the interest of all participants, sponsors, partners and other entities. The Organization exclusively holds the right to receive, withhold and distribute all revenues resulting from the use of commercial and advertising rights. All contracts or commercial agreements concerning the commercial use of the competitions must be scrupulously respected by the participants. These must pursue all efforts to ensure compliance with the obligations undertaken by the Organization within this scope;

11.3 Unless expressly authorized by the Organization, the participant is not allowed, by any means, to post advertising or to promote companies, products, goods, equipments or services during the competition;

11.4 The participant is responsible for any charges arising from the use, during and during the trial, of trademarks, patents or licenses of intellectual property rights;

11.5 Should the organization be sued for infringing any of the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph, the participant shall be obliged to indemnify the organization for all expenses it may incur and any amounts it may have to pay in any way whatsoever;

12. Eco-responsibility

Participants must behave responsibly regarding the environment cleaning and preservation in all areas where the competitions take place, including the start, the itinerary and the finish line. It is strictly forbidden to throw waste on the ground, before, during and after the competitions. Participants must carefully keep the waste generated by the food and drink packages used during the competition. By the finish line and along the itinerary as well, the Organization will provide containers for the disposal of the waste carried by the participants. Disrespect for this rule implies the immediate exclusion of the participant from this competition as well as the interdiction to participate in any further events carried out by the same Organization;

13. Complaints

Any complaint must be presented in writing to the Organization, at the event or until 24 hours after the competition to the email azoresbravostrail@gmail.com;

14. Personal Data Protection

The Organization fully complies with the Personal Data Protection Law now in force. Participants acknowledge and authorize the Organization to entry and process their personal data in the competition files, as well as to further use them in the development of administrative and commercial management and other activities. Participants must indicate the name they wish to have on the bib, registered lists and final classification that will be published on the event site. The privacy policy enables, however, any athlete to ask for the change or removal of his/her data, through a request sent to the email azoresbravostrail@gmail.com;

14.1 By confirming his/her registration, the participant allows to be contacted by the Organization and the company Stop and Go through SMS and email for the following purposes:

a) information about data concerning payment;

b) information about personal data;

c) Check-in booking and delivery of the kit;

d) classification information;

ee) information about the competitions;

14.2 Furthermore, upon the registration, the participant may authorize the Organization to process the personal data either received or generated by the registration, for commercial acts of general nature or adapted to his/her profile, by any means, namely letter, phone, email, SMS, MMS and instant message apps regarding the Organization’s products or services related to the accomplishment and organization of events, sports competitions, merchandising or similar activities, during the period set by the Organization within its internal policies of data retention. The participant may, at any time, revoke this authorization. The participant may, at any time, exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure, opposition, limitation and portability set by the rules now in force regarding the protection of personal data, by contacting the Organization through registered post with acknowledgement of receipt at the AAIT address or through the email azoresbravostrail@gmail.com;

14.3 Notwithstanding the exercise of the aforementioned rights, the Organization will keep the participants’ personal data given by them and generated as a result of the registration and/or the participation while the competition lasts, as well as during the limitation period of lawsuits that any of the parties might submit;

14.4 Upon completion of this period, the Organization might retain processed personal data for the purpose of identifying former participants to offer them discounts and promotional campaigns in future events, as well as the Organization’s products and services, whenever beforehand authorized to do so.

14.5 To become better acquainted with the data protection measures carried out by the Organization, participants may access the Privacy Policy terms published on the official site of the event, at www.azoresbravostrail.com.

15. Cancellation or postponement of the competitions

Without prejudice to the following paragraph, whenever there are cases of force majeure, namely pandemics, public calamities, earthquakes, strikes, adverse weather conditions that may put participants at risk, the organization reserves the right to postpone, cancel, suspend or interrupt the competitions, as well as make changes to the locations, times, or routes. In any of these situations, there can not be demanded any responsability of the organization which is under no obligation to compensate economically or in any other way, any participant, person or entity in these cases.


16.1 Taking into account the current epidemiological situation due to Covid-19, it is noted that the Regional Health Authority may determine the cancellation of the event at any time.

16.2 In the case foreseen in the previous number, the athletes may request the transfer of their registration to the Azores Bravos Trail edition of 2021, without any additional cost.

16.3 Athletes may also opt for the reimbursement of 75% of the registration fee.

16.4 Requests for the transfer of the registration to 2021 or for the refund should be sent to azoresbravostrail@gmail.com.

16.5 The organization reserves itself the right to adopt the necessary measures to implement the contingency plan applicable to the event, particularly with regard to social distancing, use of masks and disinfectants.

16.6 In view of the current national rules for the practice of Trail Running as a discipline of Athletics, no major constraints are foreseen for the departure of both competitions. However, as the pandemic situation unfolds, the decision for the use of protective masks during the first 300 meters, may be made.

16.7 The check-in and supply of the kits to the participants will be made by prior appointment, through the telephone contact provided by the athletes at the time of their registration.

16.8 Check-in and supply of the kits are conditioned to the presentation of a Covid-19 negative test result for all the athletes external to the Autonomous Region of the Azores or who have returned to the Region on the eve of the event, in compliance with the norms of the Regional Health Directorate.

16.9 The event´s merchandising will be sold at the Athletics Association of Terceira Island headquarters located in Edifício dos Corte Reais, on Estrada Gaspar Corte-Real, parish of Sé, in Angra do Heroísmo.

16.10 The awards ceremony will be held without public assistance and will be broadcast through social networks.


17.1 The Organization reserves the right to make changes, where required, and these will be promptly communicated to the registered athletes and publicly released. This regulation might also be altered, where applicable.

17.2 The present Regulation shall enter into force as of the day of 6th December, 2019. 6 de dezembro de 2019.

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